What will happen in season 4 of clone wars “Battle Lines”?

We have to wonder, what surprises does season four hold for us? Many have speculated that these things might happen:
1. Ahsoka’s fate is shown

Ahsoka sick from the BLue Shadow virus

Ahsoka with the Blue Shadow Virus disease

2. Captain Rex dies
3. Anakin starts to turn to the dark side
4. Darth Maul is resurrected and comes back to aide the Sith
Those are some interesting theories and i think some are probable. Ahsoka’s fate…i know it is scary to think of her leaving us! I think her fate will be addressed in the new season! Either she will die or she disappears, or something…more on this coming soon. I hope Rex doesn’t die, he’s a loyal clone…ok all clones are fairly loyal, but…Rex is special 🙂 Anakin will be shown in a darker light here, to prepare fans for the change in episode 3.
I have no idea how Darth Maul would come alive, but i guess the Witches of the mist could have something to do with that.
What have you guys heard about season 4? Any questions for us?


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