The Official Clone Wars Season 4 Predictions: Part One Ahsoka

Organized by Character:

Will We Find Out Her Fate?

No, we won’t get that this season.  This is our prediction based on a couple reasons.  One, they won’t let Ahsoka go to quickly (this is only season 4, tv seasons years thats still young) and two in the preview for season three, they showed Ahsoka turning to the dark side  and fighting Anakin.  This was like the most exciting preview EVER!  If she was going to die, disappear, or whatever, they’d show it in the official preview for season 4, but nothing’s there about that.

What About Her And Lux?

They will grow closer in season 4, until that preview where he rats Ahsoka out to the Separatists.  The relationship will go down hill from there, obviously.

What Changes Are In Store For Ahsoka?

She will witness her master growing closer to the dark side, as in the preview where he goes on a mission with her to free slaves from his home world.  His pentup anger will cause her to examine herself and see if she has any darker tendencies.  The whole Lux thing will make her think twice about relationships since its against the Jedi code anyway.



3 thoughts on “The Official Clone Wars Season 4 Predictions: Part One Ahsoka

  1. no i saw that season 3 episode : she turns to the dark side and battles anakin and obi wan but the son (The guy that is in the episode; look him up!) takes away her life and she dies i think. then the daughter (another character) gives her life to ahsoka through anakin as he is the chosen one (you have to watch the epsiodes to understand what im on about!)
    Also, i`ve seen the season 4 trailer and i think shes been careful since episode 15 of season 3. she had a vision that herself was warning her of her master. In season 4 i hope to see Ahsoka mature better than her master and hopefully she doesnt go to the dark side or dies or anything. Also the same with anakin. 🙂

  2. I think her and Lux is a little like Romeo and Juliet, they like each other, but are on opposite sides of the war. Can’t wait to see were THAT goes.

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