Full Clone Wars Season 4 “Battle Lines” Predictions

Will We Find Out Ahsoka’s Fate?

No, we won’t get that this season.  This is our prediction based on a couple reasons.  One, they won’t let Ahsoka go to quickly (this is only season 4, tv seasons years thats still young) and two in the preview for season three, they showed Ahsoka turning to the dark side  and fighting Anakin.  This was like the most exciting preview EVER!  If she was going to die, disappear, or whatever, they’d show it in the official preview for season 4, but nothing’s there about that. And hey, I have a feeling its not her time yet…I know Ahsoka!  (we called it here first 🙂

Anakin will grow more and more towards the dark side, as in getting more annoyed with the Republic, and thus getting more easily angered and spiteful.  Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Captain Rex will notice this, since he will be “meaner” to them.  The under water world we saw in the official preview for season four will almost fall to separatist hands but in the end will be saved.

Padme is getting more and more stressed about Anakin and her relationship.  They hardly get to spend time together anymore with Anakin on dangerous Jedi missions, and her writing speeches for the Senate all the time.

Obi-Wan is getting older, and thus more tired, cranky, but also more wise, specifically in the ways of the force. He is watching Anakin and how he treats the others around him, such as Ahsoka, to see if his training is staying with the Chosen One.

Captain Rex…He won’t die in this season but…I wouldn’t be surprised to see him injured.  It may be a minor wound and they dip him in bacta and send him on his way. For those who like Ahsoka and Rex as a couple…isn’t he a bit mature for her?

Barriss and Ahsoka’s friendship will continue, Ahsoka respecting her leadership skills when she led them underground in Ryloth, and Barriss grateful to Ahsoka for saving her life.  However, they will never be THAT close, since there’s just not enough time in the day..a war is going on here, there are battles to be fought!

Lux and Ahsoka…They get closer and are starting to trust one another prehaps…maybe, just maybe, Ahsoka has feelings for Lux.  Its obvious he has the hots for her.  But then, apparently in the trailor for season 4, Lux leads Ahsoka into a trap, where their ship is souronded by droids.  Of course, this might not be the case, it could be thrown in to throw us off.  And if this is true, then Lux betraying her will cause Ahsoka to go into depression, questioning if love is worth the risks.  Also, it might cause her to appreiciate the ones she does have, like Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Barriss. The relationship will go down hill from there, obviously.

Anakin and Obi-Wan will be in at least 19 of the 22 episodes…Ahsoka will be in about 16/22.  Artoo and C3PO are set to appear more often in the storylines as well.  That will be nice for the younger demographics (as well as anyone who likes them!) but i’d rather have more time spent on the main characters, like , you guessed it, Ahsoka.  But also Anakin, Obi-Wan…I’d like to see more of Mace Windu, he’s my 3rd or 4th favorite Jedi.

All-in-alll i dont think much new “meat” will be added.  Appart from Anakin’s personality change and Ahsoka’s growing up, probably just more battles…nothing really fresh per say.  Not that that’s bad though.  I’m thinking another fairly heartwearming walk-into-the-sunset ending as in season 3…i LOVED that ending.  Here’s hoping the next one is just as good.  AND that Ahsoka stays alive…if you haven’t yet, please sign my Keep Ahsoka Alive petition.

Now, what do YOU think about these predictions?


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