Review of clone wars season 4 premiere!

The first episode was pretty awesome. The animation was better I thought, the storyline was fun, and the battles are epic of course. The story starts with the young prince of mon calamari. His father had been killed and since the prince was not yet old enough, a “discussion” was held to determine the fate of the calamarins. Though the prince was valiant, he did lack some leadership and military knowledge. The talks for peace fail, because that is count dooku’s plan. The separatists attack with some droids.   The shark is particularly creepy in battle, eating/tearing the calamarin fighters to bits. The underwater battles are very well done, although one person I was with thought they were “corny”. At first only Padme was there, a republican senator to be present for the peace talks. Anakin was there to protect her (of course). They call for reinforcements which come in the form of underwater fitted clone personel, kit fistu, and Ahsoka. As they drop into the water, we at once see Ahsoka is much slimmer and taller. She is 16 now, which may not seem old for a Jedi of her skill, but she has been at Anakin’s side since she was 14. Two years…seems like a long time!  So the reinforcements come in, with guns blazing. Anakin calls Ahsoka “snips” when she first joins them 🙂 Ahsoka saves Anakin’s life when he loses his air helmet while fighting. Once he puts it on he jokingly says “I had it under control.” The fight goes the way of the republic the first round, with the separatists retreating. However the peacefulness doesn’t last long, as the enemy comes back with a vengeance and “hydro-medusas” an invention from the sharks homeworld that he says are “indestructible”.      They are giant Jelly fish looking creatures. They attack and the calamarins are captured and sent to work as slaves for dooku…all except Anakin, Padme, Ahsoka, the prince, captain ackbar, kit fistu, and some clones. Meanwhile the Jedi council seeks another planet to send help to the survivors. They choose the gungans and contact them right away.  At first the gungan receiving the message says they’ll need some time to think, but jar jar overhears this and basically says Padme always helped us without thinking twice, now weesa needing to be helping her!  The gungans arrive and fight a good fight, staging A great surprise attack thanks to Anakin, who knocked out the scanners. However at the end, droids surround Anakin and Padme. Jar jar floats into a group of droids with the senator from calamarins hugging him. The shark came to attack the prince and Ahsoka held him off for until Kit told her to escape with the prince and he would distract the separatists. Sadly, kit was captured as well, being overwhelmed by dozens of droids without his lightsaber. So we are left with Ahsoka and the prince, who get along well together it seems, the only ones free. Ahsoka leaves us with these wise words: I used to be afraid, but then I realized that you make better decisions when you’re not afraid. Next episode is Friday same time as the premiere!

Character thoughts:
Ahsoka is so much more grown up now 😀 In an interview, Ashley Eikstein, the voice of Ahsoka, confirmed what we had guessed: Ahsoka is 16 years old in this season. Ahsoka looks like her Jedi skills have improved greatly!! And she used her Shien lightsaber format of holding them upside down. Anakin is trying to train her to use the correct grip, but she naturally reverts back to shien which is interesting to note. Anakin seems more levelheaded and less protective of Padme.  We don’t see obiwan in this episode :(. Hopefully next time!


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