Clone Wars season 4 episode 3 “prisoners” review/guide/watch

Last week, separatists invaded the mon calamari system and took Jedi Anakin Skywalker , kit fisto, senator Padme amidala, jar jar binks, and senator tills from calamari. Padawan learner Ahsoka Tano managed to escape with the prince of the calamari, lee chon. What will happen to our Brave heroes? Find out here: at the JediAhsoka review of season 4, episode 3, “prisoners”. 

Count dooku and riff tamson are focusing mainly on finding prince lee char. However the leader of the Quarren is becoming more hesitant to go along with the separatists evil plans. Prince lee char and Ahsoka are in hiding. The prince comes up with a plan and they infiltrate a prison camp in hopes of finding captain Ackbar. The prince meets up with some citizens of calamari and tells them to have hope. A clone spots Ahsoka and the prince and takes them to see ackbar. Before he leaves, the prince says “the next time I appear to you, I will appear as your king”

They locate the captain and form a plan. Lee Char will appeal to the old friend of his father. But droids spot the prince and capture lee Char and Ahsoka, who puts away her blades at the princes request. Meanwhile Anakin and kit have been tortured by electric eels and tamson, in order to get information from Anakin, punctures Padme’s helmet, letting water creep in. The Jedi create an air bubble around Padme’s helmet but are forced to stop when shocked. But before Padme can drown, jar jar binks uses his spit to seal her helmet! Meanwhile the prince and Ahsoka are meeting tamson in the throne room. 

The Prince appeals to the Quarren senator but to no avail. Tamson mocks him and sends the prince away to his execution. Meanwhile droids come to escort the captured Jedi and senators to the execution. “jar jar, I can’t see anything” Padme complains (obviously has been influenced by her husband) “where are they taking us?” jar jar asks the droid who replies “to the execution of the prince” the droid replies in a metallic voice. They all arrive and the execution is beginning. “way to keep the prince safe” comments Anakin when he sees Ahsoka. “it’s all part of the plan master” she replies, showing how they can joke at any occasion. They’ve read the script. “I’m not sure I like This plan” Anakin retorts. The calamari decide that they were wrong and tell captain ackbar and the other prisoners to prepare for a fight. Just as riff tamson’s “friends” are about to eat (or whatever) the prince,   The Quarren leader rockets the prince out of the way. The madness ensues, with clones, calamarins,Quarren , gungans, and Jedi against the droids and shark creatures. Well, ok not the Jedi. They didn’t do much in this episode. Because it was mainly to focus in on lee char ‘s strength, not Jedi. Anyway, the battle is in favor of our heroes (hopefully you are rooting for the good guys here) when riff tamson attacks. He destroys clones and gungans before the prince confronts him alone…”yes it was I who killed your father. And I spared him no mercy!” riff taunts the prince. “then I will return the favor!” says the brave prince boldly. In close combat, lee char takes riffs grenade launcher-thingie and  now, as the hideous and frightening shark charges at him, the prince bravely holds on until the last second and…BOOM.  No more tamson. 

The prince is crowned the new king, with the Quarren pledging to serve him. “and I promise my loyalty to all people of calamari!” the prince-now-king states. Fades to black as the wonderful ending music plays. 

My opinion: I thought it was a great episode. The animation was beautiful as always and the plot was good. I thought that some of it didn’t make sense like why would the prince want to be taken to riff by droids?! And even more so, why would his protector, Ahsoka, allow it to happen?? Oh well it worked out in the end. I can’t wait for next week when we finally get our heads outta the water. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the water wars series but I’m anxious to return focus to the main characters and away from the calamari. So what do you think the next episode is about? It’s called “shadow warrior”!

Here’s where to watch this episode “prisoners” for free:
It should be posted there soon. 


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