Clone Wars “Massacre”

The clone wars episode Massacre was pretty awesome. Count Dooku decided to destroy Assaj once and for all, and invaded the nightsisters planet Dathomir. It was pretty good, except maybe the undead nightsisters warriors were a bit creepy. Ok, a lot creepy. Anyway, I rate this episode a 7.5/10. I was disappointed it didn’t have any Maul In it, but I guess he’ll be in the next one. The next one, by the way, is called Bounty and involves Assaj joining up with Boba Fett and his gang. Should be fun. Watch the full episode for free here.
What did you think about this episode?

Until next post, The JediA team.


2 thoughts on “Clone Wars “Massacre”

  1. That eps was cool but creepy, even thought I really don’t like Ventress I felt bad for her that Greaves came on her planet and killed her famile. But I was really creeped out about the dead Nightsisters.

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