John Carter of Mars Sequel

Have you seen Disney’s latest sci-fi movie John Carter of Mars? Yea, the one that most critics are saying not to see? Well, I saw it last Saturday, and I LOVED IT! (I’ll even admit I cried a little during it )

Most fans of the JC series are loving it as well! There are many books in the series, and so there are many more movies to be made! Unfortunately, due to poor promotion and lack of interest, John Carter reportedly lost 200 million dollars on the screen. -_-

I really want a sequel to be made, and if you do to, then you’ll like this petition I’ve found! It’s called Back to Barsoom and it already has over one thousand signatures! Add yours today! I did!


6 thoughts on “John Carter of Mars Sequel

  1. Thanks for such a nice writeup and linking to our petition! I’m confident we can get that sequel!! Loved the film SO Much and we fans can make it happen! Oh, and I cried during the film, too! 😀

  2. I loved it and saw it three times!!!! It rocked!!!! It reminded me of going to the movies when I was just a kid with my dad, no film has made me feel like that in years! I want a sequel as well, which I hope they do, the film is too good not to allow for one.

  3. My official favorite movie – hands down. Thanks for forming your own opinion about the film and for giving a shout out to The facebook group “Take me back to Barsoom! I want a John Carter sequel!” has over 8000 fans and growing. Our mission – A JOHN CARTER SEQUEL! (Read the books, you’ll want one too!) Let’s make this happen, one positive fan at a time.

  4. Just echoing my astute friends above. I think John Carter is a classic that will be loved long after the current slate of movies has come and gone (ie: Hunger Games, Spiderman, etc…) If Disney is smart (and occasionally they are) the new regime will see John Carter II and III as the global Goldmines they are (after $280 on JC not counting DVD).

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