Clone Wars Season 5 New Trailer!

A new season 5 trailer that is quite long has been unveiled! This new preview is a lot longer and tells a lot about the upcoming season. Watch it:

Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer

The series’ supervising director Dave Filoni tells EW magazine,

“There’s a lot of payoff coming. I think people are going to see ways ‘The Clone Wars’ ties together more and more with ‘A New Hope.’ We’re setting up elements that eventually become the Empire.”

What was you’re favorite part of the trailer? Leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Clone Wars Season 5 New Trailer!

  1. The discussion between Ahsoka and Hando was funny. I can’t wait to see what happens and I’m very curese why Obi-Wan had two lightsabers in one of the seance, very intrsting. Fall it taking its time getting here lol

    • Haha! Yes, his and Ahsoka’s short conversation was fun. And was that Lux standing beside her during it?
      Fall can’t get here soon enough for me! 😀

      • Yes Lux was standing next to her, it seams he was next to her in every sence. It really makes me think of what Dave F. said on Facebook about Ahsoka going though some hard times in season 5, I really wonder if she’s going to leave the Order, it would be good if she did then she wouldn’t be in Order 66 but it would be sad if she left.

      • Yes, I’m kind of hesitant about what trial she will go through, and it might be something terrible, like her leaving the order. But I’m excited that this means there will be more episodes focusing on her 🙂

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