San Diego Star Wars Comic Con-new season five previews!

Well, now that the comic-con in San Diego is all wrapped up, we who didn’t get to attend get to look at what they saw first!
1st of all, there are TWO new teasers for Season Five of the clone wars!
View them here:

The teasers, unfortunately, show nothing of Ahsoka or Anakin.
The first teaser shows Darth Sidious (aka Palpatine) arrive on a landing pad and choke some guards. I think I know what he’s doing too 😉
In the Clone Wars panel at comic con, they mentioned the Sith rule of two. Sidious isn’t happy that Maul and Savage are loose in the galaxy, and that’s why he’s going to go show them who’s boss.
The second part of the first teaser shows Obi-Wan dressed in Mandolorian garb and fighting…death watch? Probably.
(There’s a fun exchange at the end, as Obi-Wan and his female companion overlook a huge fight scene.
Female companion: Maul must really want you dead.
Obi: You have no idea.)

Teaser two is a intense, frightening scene of droids guarding a base…until Maul and his bro Savage Opress show up.

Also, they talked a bit about Ahsoka’s development in the new season at the Clone Wars panel in comic-con:

She has a great year. More than any other year there’s development on her character in a major way. I know that we’ve some things up with the character of Lux Bonteri last season, we follow through with a lot of that this season, and then we continue to see some pretty big things.

Well, hopefully these will wet our Clone Wars appetites until later.
Oh, and also I believe they announced that they will be showing the season five premiere at SW Celebration later this year.
Anyone planning on attending? Should the JediAhsoka blog team do a advance preview of the premiere and post it here?
Comment and let us know!


3 thoughts on “San Diego Star Wars Comic Con-new season five previews!

  1. The teasers are awesome, they give you just enough to be excited and ripping your heir out trying to find out what is going on (lol), but not too much so that it gives it away. It’s weird that Obi-Wan is with Bo-Katan as she is apart of Death Watch and he’s a Jedi, unless he’s undercover again and that she’s firing on her own men. Oh boy. I have a bad feeling about this.

    I heard that at the Com-Con a mom told Dave F that her little girl was a big fan Ahsoka and that she would be heart broken if something happend to that great charater, Dave said something touching and had the adince in tears. I feel that the closer we get to season 5 and the more that the TCW people give out, that something will happen to Ahsoka but not as exstream as we might think. Which I’m sure hoping I’m right lol.
    Yes! Please put up a advaced preview, that would be awesome!

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