The End Of Ahsoka?

As I write this post, I have mixed feelings. First, let me tell you why I have these feelings.

If you haven’t heard yet, a new trailer for the four final “epic” episodes from The Clone Wars Season 5 has been posted online. (link at bottom of story)
I was excited, but expected it to be a normal little preview. Then, I read the summary of the clip:

The story of Ahsoka Tano takes an unexpected, shocking turn in the epic four-part conclusion to Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Five.

My jaw dropped, my pulse quickened. Then, I watched it. Let me tell you this, if you are a fan of Ahsoka, or even the Clone Wars in general, you will feel emotional during this trailer. In one regard, I’m happy that Ahsoka’s story is getting some episodes, and I want to know how her ending turns out. But on the other hand…what will this mean for her?

In the first few moments, the trailer flashes back to when we does met Ahsoka, all the way back in season one. Then, it lets us know that the Clone Wars is moving very close to ending. The Chancellor has been taking control of the war away from the Jedi, and public trust has fled from the temple. Also, there is a dark force within the Jedi Temple itself. The Jedi council assigns Anakin and Ahsoka to handle it.
Then, the trailer shows us some brief clips of future episodes: Ahsoka talking with her old friend Bariss, spying on some clones, and fighting with a strange masked intruder. (Who is…Ventress!)
Then, Mace Windu says Anakin is too attached to his padawan to do what “needs to be done”.
At the last second, it shows Anakin holding Ahsoka’s green lightsaber, and someone saying “Some Jedi will disappoint us.”

I can’t believe it…but it seems like Ahsoka’s story, her FATE, is finally going to be explained. (You can watch the clip here, by the way.)

I can only conclude two possible endings…
Either Ahsoka, by some horrendous discovery, is turned to the dark side…
Or she is killed by Ventress.
And, since I cannot imagine Ahsoka turning from the path of good, I must only think it can be the second.

Well, this has been hard to write, but I’ve done it! So tell me what you think in the comments below!!

The plot line for the final four episodes is known! Read ahead only if wanting to be spoiled.

Ahsoka is implicated in a killing, and is arrested. She escapes into the underworld with Ventress, and in the final episode, Anakin, still believing her innocence, goes searching for the truth.



3 thoughts on “The End Of Ahsoka?

  1. Ahsoka does not die from Ventress! She faces Asajj in the third episode, so why would Anakin be searching for the truth if Ahsoka were dead?
    Just something to think about. 😉

    P.S. She doesn’t die from VENTRESS. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t die at all. I don’t know myself.

    • I think you are right, she doesn’t die, but she is branded as a criminal and runs off, leaving Coruscant. I updated the original article with this I think, but it’s near the end.

  2. It’s neither of those two options. Barriss frames Ahsoka and the Jedi council thin Kane killed smeone so they expell her. Anakin finds barriss who is behind it and turns her in. The Jedi council offer Ahsoka her place again but she refuses say ” if the Jedi council don’t trusty me, how can I trust myself?” Then she walks away with tears in her eyes. Then it’s the end of season five.

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