Barriss Offee: Traitor?

If you’ve seen the newest episode of The Clone Wars, “To Catch A Jedi”, then you must know what the title of this story is about. If you haven’t seen the episode, and don’t want it to be spoiled, turn back now. You’ve been warned.

From the moment Barriss entered into this story arc, in episode 18, “Sabotage”, I knew something big was afoot. Barriss is a character I really like, she’s strong, brave, and a very intelligent Jedi. And from the moment Letta said a Jedi taught her how to make the nanodroids, there’s been a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Remember when Barriss asked Ahsoka, “Do you ever wonder if it’s right to ignore your emotions?”

Obviously, Barriss is conflicted about the ways of the Jedi. She has always struck me as a sort of ‘peacekeeper’. Now I know all the Jedi are supposedly keepers of the peace, but when you compare Barriss to, say, Anakin, or even Ahsoka, Barriss is much more mild-mannered. I’ve always wondered what she thought of the war. Now, I might have my answer.

There is much speculation going on as to whether Barriss is the Jedi who committed the bombing, and the one who framed Ahsoka. Some evidence that supports this theory:

•Barriss seems to act suspicious throught this story arc. She asks Ahsoka about Jedi policy, doesn’t make much eye contact, and generally seems like she’s conflicted about something.
•Barriss was the one Ahsoka contacted after going on the run, and Barriss promised to do some “digging” to see what clues she could find for Ahsoka’s behalf. I’ve been wondering about this a lot. Barriss is friends with Ahsoka, likely her best friend, but why is she so readily helping her? Barriss seems like too much of a rule-follower to risk helping a rogue Jedi with a bounty on her head. She must know Ahsoka isn’t responsible, and is trying to set her up by telling her to go to an abandoned factory.
•The person who is attacking Ahsoka in the factory must have known she was going there. Only Barriss knew that fact.
•The attacker is Barriss’ height, and is certainly a young female from the look of her. Also, she knows Ahsoka’s fighting style very well, enough to be defeating her in battle. (This brings up a whole other point; is Barriss a stronger warrior then Ahsoka, since she pretty much whooped her butt? I hate to think this, so I’ll assume Ahsoka’s just out of her game, distracted by so many things going on in her life to fight at top speed.)
•It isn’t Ventress, so who else could it be? It wouldn’t make sense for the villain to be someone we haven’t seen yet, would it? This arc is sort of like a crime drama, where the actual perpetrator must be shown during the course of events.

Of course, there are some reasons why it can’t be Barriss, namely:

1. Barriss would never do anything like this. She hasn’t shown any signs of rebellion before now. She and Ahsoka are close friends.
2. In the official SW history, Barriss is still a Jedi after the Clone Wars. (She gets killed during Order 66.) If she is the temple bomber, and gets found out, there’s no way the Jedi would let her stay, which means this next episode may contradict the movies themselves.

So, there’s my two-cents worth. The next, and last, episode this season, is about Ahsoka’s trial at the court, and Anakin’s search for the truth behind the set-up. Will he find out if Barriss is behind it? Only time will tell.

Comment below and tell me your thoughts! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Barriss Offee: Traitor?

  1. I guess Barriss must get away with it right up until her death by Order 66.

    If she is Dooku’s apprentice I guess when he is slain by Anakin she just continues going through the motions as a Jedi up until her death, and Palpatine makes no effort to spare her, if he even knows who Dooku’s Jedi mole is.

    Ahsoka must just flea and her relationship with the Jedi and Anakin is over. Perhaps she returns to Onderon and Lux Bonteri, and becomes associated with one of the early resistance groups that ends up being incorporated into the Rebel Alliance.

    This would actually be good, because it means Ahsoka won’t get killed by Order 66, and there would be scope for her characters story to continue after the clone wars.

      • Or another animated series based around the time between the 2 trilogies. It sound sliek the movies are going to be set after the Battle of Endor.

        You would have to assume that if she has joined the Rebel Alliance she has died by the Battle of Yavin, as surely she would be such a prominent member at that point that she would have played a role in the battle.

  2. I think its Barriss cuz the outfit worn by the assassin wore something similar to what she wore when she contacted Ahsoka about the “clues”, and because she’s obviously the one Dave Filoni wants us to think is setting Ahsoka up. However, saavy viewers will notice that the assassin doesnt wear that dress that was part of Barriss’s outfit in that particular scene. The assassin still has the exact same body figure as Barriss, though. Her treason and whatever happens to her as a result, however, will not contradict the ROTS film as she was never actually on-screen in it, which makes her presence on Felucia in the books an EU thing and now non-canon.

  3. you guys remeber the droid also heard the location of where they were going anyone could have intercepted that transmission, im so sure its not her id eat my light saber.

  4. NO! Did they just write Ahsoka Tano of off the series? She just left the Jedi Order. Oh crap, I really hope they didn’t write her off.

  5. Barriss and Luminara end up victims of order 66 on Kashyyk as per previous material. They better straighten this out……with Barriss innocent. A Jedi Healer would not go to this extreme to prove a point.

    • Indeed I agree. The people who wrote this tv series seemed to think they had total control over ‘new’ territory and they completely ignored the fact that most of these characters had already been established. The writers prove themselves to be idiots.

  6. It’s funny coming back and looking at all the speculation and how spot on these comments (for the most part) are. like hoping for another animated series after the Clone Wars, Ahsoka returning, etc.. although hopefully the one about her being dead BBY plays out to be false

  7. This is some messed up bs. Whoever wrote these episodes didn’t pay attention the star wars universe nor star wars episode three where we all watch Barriss Offee die in order 66 as a Jedi. These are the consequences when you think you can waltz right in and write whatever you want on territory that has already been established.

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