The Jedi Traitor Is… (SPOILER ALERT)


Well, we posted yesterday some evidence that Barriss Offee, seemingly Ahsoka’s best friend, is the Jedi setting her up. Now, we have video proof. It’s short trailer for the arc published on youtube. The shot confirming the theory is at the 25 second mark, and it shows Anakin in a lightsaber duel with Barriss herself. Here’s the video:

Also, Director Dave Filini said in the featurette for episode 19 that he thinks people might have a hard time accepting who the traitor really is.

Now, this might not be 100% proof that she’s the mastermind, maybe she had another reason we don’t know about, or maybe she was forced too, we can’t know for sure until the episode comes out on Saturday. But this video, along with the previous post, makes me 99% sure Barriss is behind the whole scheme. Of course this seems to conflict with the official canon, in which Barriss never shows any sign of turning to the dark side, but wasn’t it the same deal with Darth Maul returning? They have to add some surprises to the show.

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5 thoughts on “The Jedi Traitor Is… (SPOILER ALERT)

    • Look back at moments like “Weapons Factory” in Season 2, in which Luminara essentially left her to die. I’d say that’s plenty of reason for something like this.

      • ah… no. That is the way Jedi are trained. The only reason Anakin fought hard for Ahsoka was because he wasn’t train like the rest( Skipping much of his earlier years as a youngling and moving directly to padawan.

  1. The hair of Barriss offee in the episode 19 to catch a jedi at 4:10 when she talk to ashoka with the jedi comunicator is the same in the trailer when she duels anakin and
    in episode 17 sabotage when anakin is going to interview letta at 10:11 barris is passing near , to much coincidence

    my god it is barris offee, the question is why
    the first time she apeared in the factory of droids in genosis she memoriced the 200 pass of the nest, she is cold, very cold

    how did she infiltrate tarkin prison to kill letta, thats weird, she must be working with the dirty tarkin
    ashoka saved her once, why barris why
    the jedi order is going down because of you
    there still 3 chapters to see 20 21 and 22, so everthing can happenn
    she could be the aprentice of dooku, remember that dooku doesnt have aprentice so its perfect, the force is strong in her , better than ventress
    her modus operandi is quite similar like krell making damage without get caugth playing both sides, and krell was a very popular hero of the clon army…

    PD: forgive my english

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