Official Star Wars: The Clone Wars Announcement

Well, we now have the official word on the fate of Star Wars: the Clone Wars direct from

They’ve decided to take Lucasfilm Animation is another direction, they state in a news release you can find here. Apparently, the team is now focusing on developing a new series, which shows a time never before shown in a movie or on TV.

As a result, The Clone Wars will be “winding down”. Episodes that are currently in production will perhaps be released as a bonus feature on the Season 5 DVD, or maybe put out at a later date. For now though, all we know is that The Clone Wars Season 6 will NOT air on television. (I figured this would happen. There just isn’t a place for TCW on Disney channel, and with the new movies being developed, and a thrilling season 5 finale to end TCW TV series, they think its time.)

Also, the comedy show Star Wars: Detours is on standby with a postponed release date.

There is a clip were TCW director Dave Filoni talks about the future of the show, and what’s to come, which you can watch here. For now, all we can do is keep the good memories of the past five seasons, and hope for new episodes to somehow be released in the future, whether online or by DVD.

Tell us what you think about all this in the comments section below.

(And by the way, does Ahsoka’s new situation require us to change our name? I mean, Ahsoka isn’t a Jedi anymore. Should we change our name to something other then the JediAhsoka blog? If yes, comment on what you think our new name should be!)

2 thoughts on “Official Star Wars: The Clone Wars Announcement

  1. Honestly, Ahsoka is still a Jedi, she’s just not a member of the Order.
    There are plenty of Jedi that are not in the Order and not all Dark or Rogue Jedi.

    So keep your name. There’s always the possibility of the final season being aired on Disney Channel or just a strait release to DVD.

    That and you don’t know if she unofficially rejoins the order or not.

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