The Clone Wars Season 6 – Lost Missions Thoughts/Review

Well, I signed up for the free trial of Netflix just to watch these. And, frankly, I was a bit disappointed. Jar Jar Binks teaming up with Mace Windu? I mean, not quite the stuff final seasons are made of, right? But some of these episodes weren’t necessarily meant to be included in the final season. The Clovis arc with the fairly uninteresting storyline revolving around the banking clan was originally meant for a previous season, but got cut due, probably because the team decided there were better episodes to include.

It was interesting to see how much Yoda blames himself for Ahsoka’s departure.

I do like that there is a brief cameo from Ahsoka. I wasn’t expecting her at all, so that’s a small bonus. Her little speech to Yoda really made me revisit the devastation the council’s decision caused her. Becoming a Jedi master was her dream, ever since she was a youngling. But the council pushed her away. I’m secretly still hoping for another appearance in some form, but I highly doubt she will ever go back to the Order. So, yeah, her cameo was great.

But what about the ‘loose ends’ Dave Filoni and TCW team said the Lost Missions would clear up? Sure, we know more about Order 66 and the Force. That’s neat. But what happens to Captain Rex, Asajj Ventress, and Hondo Ohnaka? I’d hoped at least one of their fates would be addressed.

Overall, I’d say the best parts of Season 6 were the first and the last. Fives’ storyline was a fantastic idea that gave us a closer look at the background of Order 66, although the execution was a little clunky. (And that annoyingly helpful droid…ugh.)

It was awesome to see Padme and Anakin’s relationship get tested, even in a boring banking clan plotline. Seriously, I was surprised TCW didn’t delve more into their romance. It would have been an opportunity to show things the movies could never dig deeply into, such as the couple’s everyday life, and the hardships that come with a forbidden love.

Mace and Jar Jar I could’ve done without.

Yoda’s big adventure was a nice way to finish of the series.  Although I still consider Ahsoka’s departure the ‘official’ ending point. The Priestesses looked to be inspired by famed creator Hayao Miyazaki’s signature style, which I appreciated. Oh, and did anyone catch the neat circular format? The Clone Wars movie began this thing by introducing Ahsoka. Then the series got cancelled as she left. Likewise, the first episode of TCW series focused on Yoda, just like the last episode of Season 6. That’s kinda interesting.

What do you guys think about Season 6? I’d love to discuss your thoughts in the comments section! Oh, and by the way, here’s an article published io9 about how Ahsoka is the greatest thing to happen to Star Wars in 20 years. Naturally, I agree. So go read the article!

7 thoughts on “The Clone Wars Season 6 – Lost Missions Thoughts/Review

  1. Here’s my comments about season 6- the Lost Episodes: P-U-sah. I think all Clone Wars fans wanted to know what happened to Ahsoka, Darth Maul, and Ventress and instead we got a boring banking clan arc with Clovis and a Jar Jar romance. Really? I got Netflix mainly to see these episodes and I am really disappointed. Dont waste your time – the little “new” info revealed in the 13 episodes did not amount to much.

    • Yes, I’m inclined to agree with you about this :/ although I did find the 13 episodes to be entertaining and they did add a *bit* of new information. but I was certainly expecting more.


      • Well we still have Star Wars Rebels and the new movies so it’s not like we have no more SW to keep us entertained. Also would have liked to see adolescent Boba Fett in the last 13 episodes. Good series overall – ended sadly and confusingly for me. Maybe there is a chance they will revisit this but I doubt it.

  2. So um she actually survives order 66 and marries some other Jedi who escaped order 66 as well. She and her husband later become grand Jedi masters or something like that and she becomes a part of the high Jedi council along with Luke skywalker.

    • that’d be cool if it was true! actually, right now we have no idea what happens to Ahsoka, since there’s no official storyline with her after TCW season 5.


    • I saw where you came up with that answer, I hope that’s true. Even if it’s not I hope Ahsoka survived order 66. It’s logical. She left the Jedi order and the only real reason all the jedi died so quickly was because they were practically surrounded by clones. This could’ve all been pretty much avoided if they would have listened to fives. Sucks that he died thinking Echo was dead. That also made me very irritated. Dave announced Echo IS alive. But the show was canceled so we cancan’t see him. But anyways back to Ahsoka. When she left the Jedi order we were all very sad. But that also worked out because otherwise she would’ve probably died from order 66 like the rest, like her closest friend Master Plo Koon. I hope we see her in star wars rebels because if we don’t i’m going to send the biggest hate mail to Disney saying how they shouldn’t have canceled ST:TCW

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