Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion Review

Hey everyone!

There will be lots of reviews circulating around over the next week or so, so instead of a typical review, here is a collection of thoughts I typed up while I watched the 45-minute-premiere episode of Star Wars Rebels. (Let’s be real, I was just too lazy to write a normal review.)

To start off with, it hasn’t aired on Disney xD yet. Currently, it is available for those with access to the Watch Disney xD website/app, or those with torrenting know-how.

It will air on television October 3rd.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Certainly different from Clone Wars, but that wasn’t a surprise. I’m hoping it’ll mature and get darker as time goes along, and what Dave Filoni and other members of the team have said seem to confirm this. The voice talent is all really good; I particularly enjoyed Tiya Sircar’s performance as Sabine!

  • Hera’s pep talk to Ezra when time was running short seemed odd and a bit forced.
  • Animation is different, but I got used to it quickly and even started enjoying it. the facial expressions seemed lacking compared to the final seasons of The Clone Wars. The clean, shiny white of the stormtrooper’s armor was gorgeous, though not very effective. (Seriously, why even wear it if one blaster shot puts you down? Oh yeah, it IS quite the fashion statement.) However, while the Stormtrooper’s looked fantastic, the Wookiee’s hair did not. The animation has it’s highs and lows.
  • Zeb has the least interesting and developed personality right now. His Wookiee imitation was pretty hilarious, though.
  • Sabine is just amazing, nothing unexpected there. But Ezra hitting on Sabine was NOT something I expected. He’s like, 15? And she’s in her early 20’s, I’d wager. EDIT: Turna out I was wrong. Apparently Sabine is supposed to be 15! She doesn’t look, act, or talk like a 15-year-old, but…
  • Hera is one of the more intriguing characters, but for the entire episode, she’s stuck in the cockpit. She and Kanaan definitely have a lot of backstory shared, that much is easy to tell. They have a good chemistry.
  • The Empire is represented as a bunch of one-dimensional villains, without any variance.
  • Kanaan offered Ezra a ride, then acted like he didn’t like him. Hera seemed to sense there was something special about him from the start.
  • After he saw Kanaan’s lightsaber, a street smart kid like Ezra could definitely put two and two together, but Kanaan doesn’t seem to think much about it…
  • I’m still somewhat confused about how much the team knew about Ezra beforehand. Hera and Kanaan seem to have had him in mind already for a kind of test?
  • That whole baby Wookiee chase-to-the-end-of-the-ramp bit was overly-dramatic, but I can’t complain since The Clone Wars had the same issue many times.
  • Yay, one Wilhelm scream and it’s only the first episode!
  • Ezra just puts on a random helmiat and can suddenly pick up crucial information that wouldn’t be broadcast for just anyone to hear. I mean, seriously? Do Stormtroopers hear communication from EVERY single other trooper in range? No wonder they’re so slow sometimes; they’re constantly bombarded with unnecessary chatter.
  • The battle scenes were all well done, though things did feel a bit too easy on occasion, with only a few Stormtroopers showing up to try and stop them from leaving the ship, or the tiny amount of guards at the Spice Mines.
  • Ezra can seemingly navigate anywhere on the Destroyer without having ever being onboard one. C’mon, he hasn’t even been in space before! But he knows where to find Kanaan and Zeb to alert them about the trap, where to find his confiscated bag after escaping from the holding cell, and where to locate the others when they return to rescue him!
  • I love how they don’t amp up Ezra’s morality just because he’s the main character. Yes, he swipes Kanaan’s lightsaber, why wouldn’t he? A kid’s gotta eat!
  • My theory on Hera is that she’s had an injury where her legs were damaged, which is why she literally never leaves her seat in the cockpit.
  • Oh, and is it just me, or did holocron Obi-Wan look younger than he did in The Clone Wars?


  • And did they really just tease the Inquisitor for a brief moment at the end? I was hoping for more.

“I am Agent Kallus from the Security Bureau. And you are?”

“Jabba the Hutt.”

“First Jedi you’ve ever seen, Sir?”

*Kallus kicks him off the pillar*


2 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion Review

  1. If you read A New Dawn, you’ll know that Hera is very capable of moving around, unless something has happened to her recently. Still, good to know that the first episode has impressed an old time clone wars fan like yourself.

    • I was sorta joking about her not being able to move around, although it WOULD be quite the shocker if she actually is paralyzed.

      I haven’t read the book, but it’s on my to-do list!

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