Ahsoka Lives!

Well, it’s official! Ahsoka Tano, everyone’s favorite padawan (right?), has returned to assist the crew of the Ghost. Summoned by Chopper and appearing for a few brief moments at the end of the Star Wars Rebels season finale, the character Fulcrum was revealed to be none other than Snips herself, two green (whoops, looks like they’ve changed to blue ones) lightsabers and all.

Notice how her lightsabers are more curved now, like a samurai’s, according to Disney.

She’s got two blue blades, now.

While she looks a lot different, we’ve got to remember that a lot of time has passed. She’s in her early thirties now! Her new design in the style of Rebels will take me a little getting used to, but underneath she’s the same Snips we know and love 😀

Ahsoka's evolution through the years

Ahsoka’s evolution through the years

sigh, it seems like only yesterday she was training at the temple, playing with R2, hanging out with her B.F.F. Barriss Offee- wait, nevermind that last one.

In a USA Today article, Filoni and crew say that she’ll definitely play a bigger part in Season 2 of Rebels, although she certainly won’t have a bunk on the Ghost anytime soon. TCW was her show; I’m just glad she’s getting the chance to return in Rebels.

And with Darth Vader coming into the picture in the final seconds of the episode, the wait for Season 2 just got a lot less bearable. (I like the chances for a Vader/Ahsoka reunion in the season premiere, personally.)


7 thoughts on “Ahsoka Lives!

  1. Hey! Just found this blog the other day and began following it immediately. I’m super excited to find someone that agrees about my love affair with Ahsoka. The moment I saw her come down that ladder at the end of the Rebels season 1 finale made my jaw drop (literally). I’m really looking forward to seeing her in action with those new sabers, not to mention the fact that I want to know WHY she has sabers again. I can only assume that she has been recognized as being a Jedi once again. I am really hoping for a return of my second favorite villain as well (Ventress). Still, the scene I most want to see is Snips v Vader. Now that would be badass. Can’t wait until Bioware releases the Togruta species unlock for SWTOR as that will be my next character (though probably Sith).

    • Yeah, it’s definitely going to be interesting to see just how much of Ahsoka’s story Rebels is going to go into. As for an Ahsoka/Vader match up…I think the Season 2 premiere will be very interesting.

  2. Isn’t it wierd that Ahsoka looks different from all the togrutas. I mean if you look at her mantels,or at least I’m pretty sure that is what they are called,and you look at a different togrutas mantels they look completely different. But her mantels are really cool and one of a kind.
    – Linsey Meyer 😃

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