Why Barriss Offee is NOT the New Inquisitor

Ever since the trailer for season two of Star Wars Rebels was released, there has been speculation about the identity of the new Inquisitors. Today, I’d life to focus on this one in particular (there may be slight spoilers contained in the paragraphs ahead):

Many fans are speculating that beneath the outfit, it is none other than Barriss Offee, the Jedi turncoat herself. Some have even created fan art depicting it!

But I’m not one of them.

Let’s get something straight first: I’m all in favor of old characters returning in Rebels. I love it when that happens! In fact, when I first heard the theory that the new Inquisitor is Barriss, I was excited about it.

But after a little more consideration, I’m pretty positive it isn’t her.

First things first: her facial markings are different. (Yes, the actual face of the new Inquisitor was revealed recently in a fan magazine. Don’t look if you don’t want to be minorly spoiled.)

Here is Barriss from the Clone Wars alongside the new Inquisitor.

Barriss has a very distinct pattern of diamonds decorating her nose and upper cheeks. The Inquisitor has a totally different pattern. (Is it naturally occuring? Or just alterable tattoos? Not sure.)

Dave Filoni and the Rebels team don’t bring back old characters just for the fun of it. The Star Wars universe is gigantic, and bringing back characters we’ve seen before just makes it seem smaller. There has to be a good reason if they’re going to have Barriss return; it has to make sense.

But in this case, it doesn’t. If the Inquisitor from season one was any indication, this new inquisitor will be completely evil, a tool of the Emperor that harnesses the dark side of the Force for more power.

Barriss Offee is not that person. (I happen to think there were many issues with the final arc of The Clone Wars, one being that Barriss acted completely out of character.)

Listen to her final words to the jury, the Jedi, and Ahsoka as she admits her guilt, but also the logic behind her actions in this video:

These aren’t the words of someone who would work for the Empire to hunt down do-gooders and murder them. Barriss hates war and conflict, that much is clear. She foresees the Republic’s descent to the dark side, and wishes that they could return to the light!

Yes, she used the wrong methods for bringing about political change when she bombed the Jedi temple. (I still think they could have written that episode so much better.) But she did it for the right reasons. She saw through what Palpatine was molding the Jedi into: war machines that only advanced the killing, not kept it at bay.

Barriss Offee may be a misguided traitor to the Jedi, but she wouldn’t become an Inquisitor. 

(P.S: I was hoping the Inquisitor would be Ventress (before the face was revealed), but writing this post made me realize that wouldn’t fit her either. I reaaaally wanna see Ventress again, but I think she broke up with the dark side of the Force for good.)

What do YOU think about the new Inquisitor? Leave a comment below!


21 thoughts on “Why Barriss Offee is NOT the New Inquisitor

  1. This does make sense. I agree with you in the fact that Barriss is not the New Inquisitor. Also the part where you were wondering about the patterns on her face, they are tattoos that show certain achievements.

  2. I dunno, I don’t think Inquisitors necessarily go into that line of work by their own free will. It’s possible that the Empire had a force-sensitive person in custody so they might as well brainwash and mould her into something useful.

  3. Good intentions and right reasons can be twisted into something wicked and evil. Doesn’t matter if it’s for the right reasons. The Dark Side is the Dark Side. It corrupts you even when you don’t know it. Obi-Wan from the Dark Disciple novel calls out the Council about their decision to assassinate Dooku for that reason. And who knows what motivates each Inquisitor? After all, Vader mentions something along the line of bringing order to the galaxy and ending wars to Luke. Perhaps the female Inquisitor believes in that lie.

  4. It’s Barriss and I’ll be ecstatic if it’s her. My opinion: she’s the perfect role for the Inquisitor and someone who has a distinct connection to Ahsoka. I wish it is her. #BadBarrissIsGood

  5. Yeah Barriss was anti-war, but Vader may have manipulated her to the dark side as a tool to throw Ashoka off her game or try and make Ashoka go dark by seeking vengeance on Barriss rather than the bigger picture of striking at the empire. Also in Barriss mind, she may view the Empire as the power that ended the Clone Wars that repulsed her and may see the Empire as peace keeping abd her role as an inquisitor would serve to prevent war
    . Remember that this isn’t war time, the rebellion is in its infancy, so even though done by tyrannical means, the Empire is an effective way of preventing conflict through absolute control of the galaxy. Finally the dark side may be influencing her views now (look how different Vader is to the heroic man Anakin was. Who knows what torture and mind conditioning Barriss has been through since the Clone Wars.

  6. That said I don’t think she’s this inquisitor in the picture. She appears to one of the night sisters, perhaps related to Ventress . In the novels Aurra Sing plays a significant role in the empire, she has force abilities and eventually ends up being a highly ranked imperial officer, still it doesn’t look like her either and certainly not the beautiful Mara Jade. But I certainly hope and think we will see these charactersas tthey are significant to the central plot, this doesn’t make the universe smaller,just means there are a select number of characters essential to the story. It wouldn’t make sense for the story to be focusing on some random Jawa or citizen of Coruscant with squat to do with anythin . And new characters come and go all the time. You could argue thateevery individual stormtrooper is a new character. So I don’t at all mind classic characters coming back especially if we never learned of their fate (Darth Maul, Bo Katam,, Mother Talsim, Cad Bane, the clones that deserted the empire, ,the cool bounty hunters.. Etc

  7. We know it is not Barriss Though her identity does still remain a mistery. I am rather pleased she was not Barriss do to her short role and limited ability to do anything significant and death by Maul. (Sorry for the spoiler)

    I would hope for more out of a villain Barriss Offer, the role of Inquisitor was week to say the least easily bested by Two failed Jedi and a child. (No offence Im a huge Ahsoka, Kannan, and Ezra fan) I’m just saying that While Ahsoka has grown immensely in both ability to call upon the force as well as duelling forms. Barriss too would have grown greatly in power and ability knowing intact that she personally knows Ahsoka may have survived the fall of the Jedi. Hence if she were serving as an agent of the Empire she would focus knowing she would yet again have to face her former best friend.

    I mentioned before my opposed opinion to Barriss being an inquisitor out of logic more than hope. Though I find personally I do not like the pathetic incompetence of the inquisitors or there rather weak ability array, that is not to say they are useless, just no where near as talented as Barriss even as a young Jedi.
    *Reason One; Vader leads the Inquisition, they answer to him personally. I am sure that fueled by the dark side Vader would aim to kill Barriss if he ever were to openly see her.
    *Reason Two; The inquisitors are said to be made obsolete after the fall of the three at mortband. ( wookieepeedia/ not sure on the spelling of the planets name.) Stating that they had been eliminated.
    *Reason Three; (and this is purely based on personal opinion reflected by both Palatine and Barriss’ Character Personalites) Palatine would see a great opertunity in Barriss after her confession and know of her and Skywalker’s aggressive standings. A Jedi who has of her own choice strikes against and betrays the Jedi leading way for him to enforce even stricter policies against the Jedi. He would use such a tool personally as he had every other he personally saw interest In. Barriss would easily be guided by paplatines speech of complete and absolute peace through force as she has come to realize that force is all anyone will understand. His Empire would be seen as almost a necessity in her eyes as everything is chaos around her.

    No I would hope for more from Barriss the Imperial. I would hope in good star wars fashion that she remains alive to be Ahsoka Tanos’ main antagonist extending the fan loved storyline. While it is important to expand the galaxy of star wars again, it is important to have you key characters and well the star wars fan universe speaks loud and clear Ahsoka and Barriss must continue as that storyline is the new age anakin and obiwan inner conflict.

    In that I strongly vote that Barriss returns as Palpatines first Emperor’s Hand. A lone agent to enforce his will in its entirety throughout the Empire, Answerable only to the Emperor himself. The bond seen between Mara Jade and Palatine was that of almost a father daughter, or shogun to his samurai. That of a deep survitude by Mara toward Palatine for believing he had saved and given her a life worth living. I ask you this, on a lonely, repetitive drawn out endless prison stent knowing death is all she has to look forward to and rage brewing at the lack of foresight within the Jedi… When Palatine enters himself the lights out all guards mysteriously gone and tells you he will free her from this prison. He will help her to rise again far from this war to help guid the galaxy to true and absolute peace. He tells her that with him she can make the Jedi listen, What would a broken and lost Barriss Offee truly say?

    So sorry for the length BTW.

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