Pivotal Ahsoka Scene Coming in Season Two of Rebels!

“I was drawing and storyboarding probably one of the most critical things I’ve ever drawn and staged at my job at Lucasfilm…this really, really, really, really, really, really, really important moment that I had turned over in my head many times, dealing with Ahsoka…I’ll never forget that.”

The quote above is from Dave Filoni.

He’s talking about the scene he’s looking forward to fans seeing most in season two of Star Wars Rebels.

He goes on to elaborate a little more about the scene.

“It was kind of a nice point where all things came together for me. And that stuff that I staged, that particular scene, and everything surrounding it…I’m very excited for fans to see. That’s going to be a big one. When it happens, you can ask me, you’ll say, ‘Was this the thing?’ and I’ll say, ‘Yeah,’ and I can go into more detail about it.”

So is Dave talking about a final showdown between Anakin and Ahsoka? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for season two of Rebels coming later this year! (And check out the entire interview with Dave here.)


One thought on “Pivotal Ahsoka Scene Coming in Season Two of Rebels!

  1. Possibly this ‘pivotal’ moment is in the recently released EP 10 *SPOILERS for those who haven’t seen*

    Ahsoka faces off with the 7th sister and brother and holds her own. but what really catches the eye is when she uses the force to push the inquisitors blade back into its handle! She’s not stopped training and has in fact gained even more knowledge since she left the order and order 66 happened. The only other Jedi I believe we’ve seen on screen do this blade retraction with the force is mast Yoda. Perhaps she has given him a visit?

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