Welcome to the JediAhsoka blog!

Started in 2011, we followed Ahsoka’s journey through The Clone Wars.

Now she’s back in Star Wars Rebels, and so are we! We can’t wait to learn more about her challenging times (like what she was doing during Order 66!) and her happy times!

The future may be unclear, but one thing IS clear! Follow us to keep up-to-date on all the latest Star Wars news!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Pleased have not killed Ahsoka off, good to see her walk off. I had a musing of her re-appearing in Ep.VII-IX, as ending up on Dathamir, the “Emperors Strong Hold”, where all his tech, trophies and secrets are. Then Luke after “inner turmoil” as to his place in the force, finds a like minded “force neutral”, accomplace, Tano. Who has travelled her own path of discovery since leaving the Order ,as to the “forces true nature”. lured as Luke to the force strong planet of Dathomir, where Emperor has a vast city, full of his past and future plans. All one big maze of puzzles and deadly games with both unwittingly helping in the Emperors last hope of ressurection, The link with R2 at Lukes side, would bring interest to both parties as Luke finds out how his father was pre-darkside and Ahsokas new take on the forces cyclic nature has formed her. This could be the forming of a new chapter in the channelling of the force, creating an evolution of the rigid interpretation of Dark and Light. Who knows….???

  2. They killed off two of my favorite characters in one episode who happens to be ahsoka and bariss I still can’t believe that bariss did it.

  3. They better if Disney does not want most of the fans of ahsoka all around the world to kill them but I’m not part of this group that is trying to kill them. This was all over the star Internet. I may say I want to do it but I was just blowing of steam I’d never actually do it for real I was just mad at god and I happened to be posting something at the time this is the exactly the the reason why I don’t text when I am mad

  4. i haven’t seen many episodes of star wars rebels but i really like clone wars better already, Ahsoka looked ALOT better (in my opinion) πŸ™‚

  5. This is officialy my favorite website. I love a lot of websites and they are all very close to my favorite, but the fact that Ahsoka is my favorite Star Wars character OF ALL TIME really helped me decide on this webite to be my favorite.

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