Deleted Scene: Ahsoka’s speaks her mind to the Jedi counsel before leaving

USA Today has published a clip which appears on the bonus features of the new Clone Wars DVD that came out today. In this new clip, we see an unfinished scene. The Jedi counsel members are outside with Ahsoka and Anakin in this scene. It basically progresses the same as the final version which aired, except Ahsoka says coldly, “They never should have told me to leave.”

I know that when the final aired, I felt like she didn’t express enough anger with the counsel, so the fact that she lets out some steam in this scene makes me happy. Watch it for yourself below, and then comment and tell me what you think!


If no video is above, you can watch the video at



Star Wars and Disney?

Well, by now I’m sure you’ve already heard that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm, and now owns the rights to make new Star Wars movies, which the new head of the Disney/Lucasfilm enterprise has said is a sure thing. If you hadn’t heard, then…surprise! Lucky you got to hear the news from us.
Take note that I didn’t call the news ‘good’ or ‘bad’. You, of course, will have your own personal feelings on the matter, and if you’re like most older SW fans, you’re silently cursing Disney and George for making this move.
But before you begin (or continue) chiding Lucas for his latest business deal, hear us out.
This doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
Disney is a huge company, and like them or not, they have produced some great movies in the past. They have huge budgets, the latest facilities, and paid Lucas a heck of a lot of money. (But who’s counting? Not us.)
George’s reasons for selling Star Wars to Disney are simple.

He wanted to his movies, his story, his Star Wars universe, to have an extended life. Think about it: the SW movies aren’t so hot anymore. Most of them were made before a lot of younger SW fans were even born. The SW movies aren’t the reason the franchise is still going strong. It’s the new things, like The Clone Wars tv series, the clothing lines, the action figures, the SW Legos, that have swept in the legions of 5-12 year olds. But what would have happened in 10-20 years, if Lucas hasn’t sold? He would be retired, the TV shows would probably be off-air, the clothing and action figures lying in a thrift store somewhere. And this is exactly what he’s said in a video interview published on the SW youtube channel. By selling to Disney, he’s essentially sacrificing control of his company for the long-life of his universe. People might not be happy about the new movies that are now for sure being made by Disney (episode 7 in 2015, supposedly), but at least new movies will pull in new fans, and breathe new life into Star Wars. About the new movies: Though Lucas said HE would never make any more, he apparently is okay with OTHER people making more. “I can be a fan now,” he commented, calling it more fun then actually making creating them. (let’s just hope Disney doesn’t create a laugh-track filled sitcom based off of Star Wars, with the Jedi council members each trading quips for the audiences pleasure.)

So, in short, I’m enthusiastic about this new development. If Disney can make the right moves, keep the characters true to themselves, and pull off the right amounts of action/adventure/fantasy/comedy, then this might be fun. But then again, that’s a big IF…

What do YOU think? Comment below an tell me!