Clone Wars Season Finale “Brothers”

The final episode of Clone Wars aired yesterday night. Many praised it as being one of the best episodes this season, while others say its not as good as it could’ve been. Personally, I LOVED It. In Brothers, Maul teams up with Savage Opress to track down and kill Kenobi. They almost succeed, until Ventress, who has come to hunt down Savage steps in and rescues him. Together, though they are outmatched, they barely escape. In the last few seconds of season 4, Ventress and Kenobi are shown flying away together, and Maul and Savage stare after them. It was well made, and the timing was just like in the movies. I rated this episode a 9/10. You can watch this episode online for free here. (If you’re in the U. S. )

So now that season 4 is officially over, what do you think? And does this final episode set up another big conflict between Kenobi and Maul in season 5?


Clone Wars “Bounty”

This weeks episode “Bounty” showed us more of what Asajj Ventress new life is like, after General Grevious destroyed her home world. She joined Boba Fett’s gang, and assisted them in protecting a secret cargo. Inside the cargo, was a kidnapped girl from a local people on the planet. Asajj, in a turning point, saved the girl and set her free. Also, she only took her share of the credits for the job, instead of taking them all. She left the bounty hunters behind, telling them she wasn’t like them, and that she now had a future.
This was a good episode, with a special guest appearance by Simon Peggs as the bounty hunter Dengar. I rate it a 8/10. You can watch it free online at this website. (if youre in the US that is)
Do you think Asajj is leaving her past behind for good? What will she do now? Become a jedi? Settle down? Who knows; only time will tell for her.

Clone Wars “Massacre”

The clone wars episode Massacre was pretty awesome. Count Dooku decided to destroy Assaj once and for all, and invaded the nightsisters planet Dathomir. It was pretty good, except maybe the undead nightsisters warriors were a bit creepy. Ok, a lot creepy. Anyway, I rate this episode a 7.5/10. I was disappointed it didn’t have any Maul In it, but I guess he’ll be in the next one. The next one, by the way, is called Bounty and involves Assaj joining up with Boba Fett and his gang. Should be fun. Watch the full episode for free here.
What did you think about this episode?

Until next post, The JediA team.

Carnage of Krell

So in tonight’s episode “Carnage of Krell” the supposed Jedi was found to be an aspiring sith! I haven’t had a change to watch it personally yet, but will tomorrow. I’m very excited 😀


Was this something you were expecting? I know I personally defended Krell to some people. I said he might be strict but was just doing his duty. Boy, was I wrong. 🙂 what do you think about Krell? Did you suspect he was a separatist all along because of his in-human treatment of clones?

Anakin destroys hologram season 4

So a popular question is what is Anakin doing in this part of the preview trailer for season 4? There is a quick sequence where Commander Cody is showing a hologram to what looks like a Jedi. Anakin approaches them and uses the Force to pull the hologram out of Cody’s hand and destroys it in anger. It happens so fast in the trailer you might have missed it! I wonder if Anakin starts turning to the dark side more later this season! Here’s a picture of it:

Only time will tell, but what are your thoughts?

What’s to come in the rest of Season 4?

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What Else Can We Expect from Season 4 of The Clone Wars?

We have gotten three episodes about fish species fighting each other, one about Gungans, two Droids episodes and we are in the midst of an awesome clone-centric 4-parter.  This Friday’s episode will be the tenth of the season.  With 12 episodes left after that, what can we expect from the rest of the season?  Let’s take a look at some images that have been revealed to us in trailers and see if we can shed some light on what is left in Season 4.

Slaves of the Republic
Directly following the Umbara story arc there will be a  three episode story arc with episodes titled “Slaves of the Republic”, “Kidnapped” and “Escape from Kadavo”.  This story arc is to be based on the Dark Horse comic story Slaves of the Republic.  Many of the images we have seen in the trailers seem to come from this story arc.  In many ways it seems like they have stayed true to the comic with some of the images from the show looking like they were lifted straight from the comic.

This image of Ahsoka and the others looks like it is right out of the comic book
The basic premise of the comic story is that some Togruta have been kidnapped and sold into slavery and Anakin, Obi-wan, Ahsoka, and Rex go and try to free them.  It will be nice to see the “Big 4” back together again.  In fact it will be nice to see Obi-Wan actually do something this season since he has been nearly non-existent in the first nine episodes.  It will also be interesting to see how close they stay to the comic storyline.  Based on the images we have seen they have already decided to drastically change the appearance of the Zygerrians from the comic.  In the comic they have long red hair but in the show it seems to have been switched out for cat or bat-like ears.

Presumably a Zygerrian leader.
SPOILER ALERT: The inclusion of what looks to be Rex in some of the images would indicate that he does indeed survive the events on Umbara.

More speeder bike action.
Ever since their appearance in Season Two we have all wondered when we would see Deathwatch again.  This season promises to show their return.  Based on this image it looks like we are going to see Pre Vizsla again and he has gotten some cool upgrades to his helmet.

He must get great reception.
You may also notice Lux Bonteri in the above picture.  Lux is a character who was introduced in Season 3 as the son of a Separatist and a possible love interest for Ahsoka.  Based on a preview clip that was shown before the season even started we will see Lux travelling with Ahsoka and they encounter Deathwatch on a snowy planet.  It will be interesting to see how Lux reacts to the Deathwatch.  He is a troubled boy/man because he believes both of his parents were killed by the Republic.  Will he join Deathwatch?  Is he secretly already a member?  We can also look forward to seeing the female Deathwatch character, Bo-Katan, voiced by Katee Sackhoff.

Deathwatch picks really pretty planets to hang out on.

Looks like they captured Artoo too.
Cad Bane and Bossk
Since they are both members of species who have a lot of similar looking members, we cannot be 100% sure, but these sure look like images of a couple of our favorite bounty hunters staging a prison break.  The last time we saw Cad Bane he was escaping capture by Obi-Wan and Quinlan Vos.  How did he get stuck in prison?  Is he there just to break Bossk out?  Is Boba Fett still in prison too?

All Duros look the same.

Bossk knocking out some guards
Asajj Ventress on Dathomir
Another thing we know is coming up this season is the return of Asajj Ventress.  Based on the images it looks like she is back on Dathomir leading some nightsisters against General Grievous and his droids.

Ventress facing off against some commando droids.

The ultimate showdown
Darth Maul and Savage Opress
We have been promised Maul sometime in Season 4.  We have even been shown an image of him, but it is still being speculated what form he will be in.  Most believe we will indeed get Maul in a physical form in The Clone Wars.  What we don’t know is if he is going to be whole.  Mech legs or not it will be cool to see the silent assassin from The Phanton Menace back.  And what about his brother?  Because we are getting Maul does that automatically mean we are getting Savage Opress this season too?  Let’s hope so.

Here are a couple more images.  Not sure exactly where they fit into the remaining stories in the season.

Who is this clone?

Some Wolfpack members using jet packs. Awesome.
And one last thing I noticed.  In the season 4 trailer that was shown before the season started there is a quick sequence where Commander Cody is showing a hologram to what looks like a Jedi.  Anakin approaches them and uses the Force to pull the hologram out of Cody’s hand and destroys it in anger.  It happens so fast in the trailer you might have missed it.  In this first image it is hard to make out what the hologram is showing.

As the hologram is being pulled away it becomes clearer for just a second.  It shows what looks like a Zabrak male.  Is that Darth Maul?  Savage Oppress?  Eeth Koth?  Is it even a Zabrak?  Am I just seeing what I want to see?

And then Anakin destroys it.  Whatever it was, Anakin did not like it very much.  Time will reveal all.  Or at least all that Filoni wants it to reveal.

Clone Wars 4.04 review/summary “Shadow Warrior” plus watch for free online link :)

Last week, the citizens of the calamari system crowned a new king, former prince Lee-Char. Thankfully, (we were getting a bit seasick) with this episode, “Shadow Warrior”, things get back on base. From the one minute preview released on, this episode looked amazing! In the preview, dooku and Anakin were on naboo. Anakin is fighting dooku! And as the preview ends, with four magma guards coming towards Anakin, he doesn’t look that excited to face them. The lightsaber fight between Dooku and Anakin in the preview looked fresh and Awesome! It seemed like the fighting animation was more lifelike and fluid. So, we look forward to bringing you our review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, season 4, episode 4. “Shadow Warrior”. Oh and we also have a new addition to our reviews! In each episode review we will also rate how good the episode was on a scale of 1 to 10. So, without further ado, our review of “Shadow Warriors”. Wait, one more thing. (sorry!) please sign our “Keep Ahsoka Alive petition at 

As the episode starts out, Anakin and Padme are on their way to naboo to deal with a startling problem. Boss Lyonie of the gungans is threatening to attack thede, the capital of naboo! Padme and Anakin meet with jar jar binks on the surface, and he takes them to the gungans underwater base, where boss Lyonie is under the influence (Or as Anakin says, he looks like he is “possessed”.) of a magic necklace, given to him by Rish Loo, a weird sorcerer gungsan. Anakin senses that the necklace is enchanted and destroys it, showing how wise and “in tune” with the force he is becoming.  Boss Lyonie recognizes that he was being controlled by the sorcerer and he, Anakin, Padme, and Jar Jar go to confront him. He, meanwhile, is in the middle of a holo call with Dooku (I will get a prominent place in your new order, right?) but Rish Loo hears-or senses- boss Lyonie coming and ends the transmission. Boss Lyonie tells him the gig Is up, but Rish Loo doesn’t Know that he’s in trouble-until he sees the magic necklace is not around the leaders neck. He pulls a knife out of some hidden pocket….”something’s wrong” Anakin says to Padme and Jar Jar. They rush in and the evil separatist sorcerer drops about six commando droids from the ceiling. Padme pulls put her blaster, while Anakin is cutting away with his lightsaber. (I’m not really sure what Jar Jar was doing during this time..maybe spitting his gunk on them so they couldn’t see?) Rish Loo manages to stab Lyonie (is that name starting to sound Italian to anyone else?) and runs out, brushing past Padme, who had just barely escaped death by commando droid.  Anakin rushes out after him but is too late, as his ship pulls out of the bubble. 

Boss Lyonie is taken under medical care as they plan what to do next…the gungans are still going to attack thede, as Leoni never ordered them to stop. While Rish Loo is out getting the troops stirred up and ready for a fight, Anakin and Padme notice that Jar Jar has an uncanny resemblance to the leader. (however all gungans look somewhat similar…just sayin’). Jar Jar doesn’t like the idea, but be goes with it, since it is the only way to stop his people from attacking naboo.  He puts on the weird arched hat and walks out of the reeds just when the evil magician tells the rest of the gungans that Boss Lyonie is dead. “Boss Lyonie is alive!” one gungan exclaimed to the rest. (really? We can see that..) Jar Jar, er, I mean “Boss Lyonie” orders the cancellation of the attack and tells the others that Rish Loo lied to them and is the enemy. While the gungan army whispers among themselves like little girls, Rish Loo escapes on his speeder-thing. Anakin, apparently the only one who noticed him getting away, jumps on a stead (that looks like a cross between a seahorse and a watermelon…jk) and gallops after him, quipping to jar jar on the way out, “good try not to mess this up..boss Lyonie!”. Woah. Harsh. 

The droid army arrived, and hearing of the cancelled attack, the tactical droid tells “boss Lyonie” that their commander would like to speak with him. Jar jar goes into the ship with the courageous general Tarpals to find general Grevious waiting for them! Jar Jar, um, boss Lyonie, is speechless at first to see the evil droid army commander here, in his home, but with prodding from the wise general, Finally speaks. He tells Tarpald to “go do that thing” “what did you tell him?!” yells Grevious. (have you noticed that 70% of the time Grevious speaks, he’s yelling?) I told him to..prepare for a gungan-separatist attack on thede, jar jar wisely replies (Jar Jar wise?! Who knew!) 

Meanwhile Anakin has been shot down by two or three surveillance droids and has, um, continued chasing Rish Loo on foot. That’s right. Anakin, the great and wise chosen one, is running after a..speeder. But he manages to keep up…even though I’m not sure if it’s because he is using the force to speed himself, or because this IS a tv show. 

The general, who was issued the whispered commands by Jar Jar, contacts Padme (no he wasn’t commanded to plan to attack Thede, Jar Jar isn’t that dumb) and tells her that General Grevious is here! “You must capture him!” she tells the general. “Grevious is a bombad warrior,” the general says, “but we will do as you ask.” meanwhile, Jar Jar has blown his cover (maybe something to do with saying eveything twice, once in his Jar jar voice, then he repeats it in “bombad leader voice”. Grevious yells (no surprise there) “You’re not Boss Lyonie!” and lunges towards jar jar. Jar Jar rushes outside, where the smart general has gathered his troops and is waiting for Grevious. “You do not know the full extent of my power!” the droid commander taunts…until the general tells him they have shut his droid army down. Cocky as sith always are, Grevious draws two sabers and laughs. (a sign of stress perhaps?) The brave gungans attack and capture Grevious, due to a courageous sacrifice by general Tarpals. This Is the first time I’ve seen Grevious so beat up…they got him! Stabbed him through with spears!

Dooku, who knows that Grevious has been captured (don’t ask me how he knows), holocalls the fleeing sorcerer and tells him to come to his hidden laboratory, where the count is waiting. He Also instructs Rish Loo to leave enough of a path for Skywalker to follow…You see, palpatine, oh I mean Sidious, told dooku to capture Anakin so they could trade him in exchange for Grevius! 

The count is waiting for Anakin and Rish Loo when they arrive and dooku kills Rish when he comes in. “dooku!” Anakin exclaims, “why bring the war to naboo?!” the count says something about the first battle on Naboo. “you were in that first battle?” asks Anakin. “the Sith control everything! You just don’t know it!” dooku says as he engages Anakin with his red saber.  
Anakin fights him (with wonderful animation of course) and seems to be gaining the upper hand when dooku sends In the magna guards. They simply outnumber Anni. So he gets captured. 

The count calls Padme, (yes he has her digits) and tells her the details. At first she refuses to deal, knowing that with the droid general captured, the war could be won! But I’d course they’re married so she gives in…but Anakin will head plenty from her later about it! They trade prisoners and the real boss Lyonie, who is not dead, happily, congratulates jar jar, who is not dead, sadly, on being as he calls it, a bombad leader. They all walk into the sunset…

EPISODE RATING: 8 out of 10

Great animation, great storyline, great characters…I really don’t hate jar jar. That last joke was just that…a harmless joke. (I wouldn’t want him dead!)

The next episode is where we get an epic adventure, think Giligans island, from c3po and r2. Just them. No main characters…darn. Its called “mercy mission”

Watch this episode (4.04, shadow warrior) online at

See ya next time!

New Interview with Ashley Eikstein, voice of Ahsoka!!

Here’s an awesome interview with Ashley that just came out. The interview is conducted by GeekMania. Awesome interview, Ashley even reveals some details about Ahsoka in the new season!

Mania: What can we expect from this season of The Clone Wars?
Ashley: This season is actually called “Battle Lines.” It takes you right into the heart of the battle. For Ahsoka, the battles become more intense. This season the battles become epic; visually they are stunning. Ahsoka has grown up a lot. We’re going to continue on from season 3 where we’re going to see tremendous growth in her character. She is less of the padawan, less of the side kick, and more one of the gang. She’ll also get to go out on her own more this season.

Mania: You’ve been with the Star Wars universe for three years now. How does it feel to be the new first lady of Star Wars?
Ashley: (humbly laughs) that’s an honor. Thanks for putting it that way. I don’t look at it as the first lady of Star Wars. I look at it as I get to be another strong female character for Star Wars. The one thing I think is so amazing about The Clone Wars is that there are so many kick-butt female characters. You have Ahsoka, but you have Ventress and she is such a strong female character. We had the Night Sisters last year: Shaak Tii and Aayla Secura. There are just so many. For Ahsoka, it is just such an honor to be the first female Jedi that has been really focused on as a lead. I’m very proud of that because I think she is such a positive character and a positive role model for young girls. I’m honored to have just a small part in introducing young girls to the franchise.  

Mania: In the beginning, Ahsoka didn’t really have support of the older fan boys.
Ashley: (laughs) No, not at all.
Mania: For you, what was the moment you saw it turn around?

Ashley: I noticed it more in season 2 where Ahsoka got a couple episodes where she was on her own more and given more responsibility. You saw less of the snippy sidekick. I think what people didn’t like in the beginning was she lived up to her nickname, Snips. She was very snippy with her quips and comments. She was there on the sidelines. She didn’t really take charge on the show because she was a young padawan. In season 2, she got more responsibility. In season 3, got a ton and she just grew up. I did several interviews in the beginning and I asked fans to just be patient with her; to enjoy the arc of her character because I knew the direction she was going in. I knew she was going in the direction the fans would like. It was a progression. It’s no fun to watch a character that’s perfect all the time. You want to watch them grow and that’s what we’re seeing with Ahsoka. I want to thank the fans for being patient.
Mania: Ahsoka is on a dark path. As an actor, how do you prepare yourself and your character for something you have no control over?

Ashley: The tricky part for us is we actually don’t get the scripts until we walk into the studio. I just did an episode and hadn’t read it yet. Literally, you are off and reading it for the first time as you are performing it. The reason we can do that is because we have been doing our characters for 6 years. We can just jump right in and that’s what is expected of us. I have an attitude I go into the studio with. She [Ahsoka] is much older. I try to lower my voice and (laughs) I try and stay in a more grown up mental mind frame. I just try and keep her in this darker place.
Mania: If you could decide Ahsoka’s fate, what would it be; as a fan or as the character?

Ashley: (laughs) The thing is we have amazing writers on the show and an amazing director in Dave Filoni. They just do a phenomenal job. I think some of the writing last season and some of it coming up, like the “Mortis Trilogy”, was amazing. That is something that is definitely not my forte, the writing. So I don’t even try to begin to script my demise. I don’t think I would do what was right for the Star Wars franchise because they have built our show into the six movies and now our stories are critical to understanding the movies. Of course, I am attached to the character and the thought of anything bad happening to her makes me upset. I trust the writers, I trust Dave Filoni and I know they will do the right thing for the overall Star Wars story.
Mania: How many action figures do you have so far?
Ashley: I actually have a Star Wars closet and have about 50 in there.
Mania: What has been your favorite episode of the show so far?

Ashley: I have to go back to the “Mortis Trilogy”. I think that was unbelievable. The performances in that, not mine, James Arnold Taylor and Matt Lanter were so phenomenal in that episode. On top of that the animation was stunning and, again, the writing.

Mania: I see that you are wearing a Her Universe tank top under your blazer (see picture above). I have to ask, are you wearing the full outfit?
Ashley: (big laugh) No, I am not wearing the entire outfit. The nice thing about that set is that you can wear it separately or when you are at home when you are in your pjs. I have the outfit for both reasons, but today it is all business.
Mania: What’s your Geek confession? It can be anything from: I’ve never seen Star Wars to I hate the Lord of the Rings.

Ashley: My Geek Confession is that… (laughs) I used to read the New Kids on the Block comic book. I was so obsessed with New Kids on the Block. I’m just getting into comics now. I have to be honest I am not as well schooled in comics, but those were the only comic books I read as a kid. That’s my Geek Confession.
The Clone Wars Season 4 is on Friday nights on the Cartoon Network. Season 3 of Star Wars the Clone Wars arrives on DVD and Blu-ray October 18th. Need to catch up on Season 4? Check out the episodes on Star

Clone Wars season 4 episode 3 “prisoners” review/guide/watch

Last week, separatists invaded the mon calamari system and took Jedi Anakin Skywalker , kit fisto, senator Padme amidala, jar jar binks, and senator tills from calamari. Padawan learner Ahsoka Tano managed to escape with the prince of the calamari, lee chon. What will happen to our Brave heroes? Find out here: at the JediAhsoka review of season 4, episode 3, “prisoners”. 

Count dooku and riff tamson are focusing mainly on finding prince lee char. However the leader of the Quarren is becoming more hesitant to go along with the separatists evil plans. Prince lee char and Ahsoka are in hiding. The prince comes up with a plan and they infiltrate a prison camp in hopes of finding captain Ackbar. The prince meets up with some citizens of calamari and tells them to have hope. A clone spots Ahsoka and the prince and takes them to see ackbar. Before he leaves, the prince says “the next time I appear to you, I will appear as your king”

They locate the captain and form a plan. Lee Char will appeal to the old friend of his father. But droids spot the prince and capture lee Char and Ahsoka, who puts away her blades at the princes request. Meanwhile Anakin and kit have been tortured by electric eels and tamson, in order to get information from Anakin, punctures Padme’s helmet, letting water creep in. The Jedi create an air bubble around Padme’s helmet but are forced to stop when shocked. But before Padme can drown, jar jar binks uses his spit to seal her helmet! Meanwhile the prince and Ahsoka are meeting tamson in the throne room. 

The Prince appeals to the Quarren senator but to no avail. Tamson mocks him and sends the prince away to his execution. Meanwhile droids come to escort the captured Jedi and senators to the execution. “jar jar, I can’t see anything” Padme complains (obviously has been influenced by her husband) “where are they taking us?” jar jar asks the droid who replies “to the execution of the prince” the droid replies in a metallic voice. They all arrive and the execution is beginning. “way to keep the prince safe” comments Anakin when he sees Ahsoka. “it’s all part of the plan master” she replies, showing how they can joke at any occasion. They’ve read the script. “I’m not sure I like This plan” Anakin retorts. The calamari decide that they were wrong and tell captain ackbar and the other prisoners to prepare for a fight. Just as riff tamson’s “friends” are about to eat (or whatever) the prince,   The Quarren leader rockets the prince out of the way. The madness ensues, with clones, calamarins,Quarren , gungans, and Jedi against the droids and shark creatures. Well, ok not the Jedi. They didn’t do much in this episode. Because it was mainly to focus in on lee char ‘s strength, not Jedi. Anyway, the battle is in favor of our heroes (hopefully you are rooting for the good guys here) when riff tamson attacks. He destroys clones and gungans before the prince confronts him alone…”yes it was I who killed your father. And I spared him no mercy!” riff taunts the prince. “then I will return the favor!” says the brave prince boldly. In close combat, lee char takes riffs grenade launcher-thingie and  now, as the hideous and frightening shark charges at him, the prince bravely holds on until the last second and…BOOM.  No more tamson. 

The prince is crowned the new king, with the Quarren pledging to serve him. “and I promise my loyalty to all people of calamari!” the prince-now-king states. Fades to black as the wonderful ending music plays. 

My opinion: I thought it was a great episode. The animation was beautiful as always and the plot was good. I thought that some of it didn’t make sense like why would the prince want to be taken to riff by droids?! And even more so, why would his protector, Ahsoka, allow it to happen?? Oh well it worked out in the end. I can’t wait for next week when we finally get our heads outta the water. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the water wars series but I’m anxious to return focus to the main characters and away from the calamari. So what do you think the next episode is about? It’s called “shadow warrior”!

Here’s where to watch this episode “prisoners” for free:
It should be posted there soon.