The Clone Wars Season 6 – Lost Missions Thoughts/Review

Well, I signed up for the free trial of Netflix just to watch these. And, frankly, I was a bit disappointed. Jar Jar Binks teaming up with Mace Windu? I mean, not quite the stuff final seasons are made of, right? But some of these episodes weren’t necessarily meant to be included in the final season. The Clovis arc with the fairly uninteresting storyline revolving around the banking clan was originally meant for a previous season, but got cut due, probably because the team decided there were better episodes to include.

It was interesting to see how much Yoda blames himself for Ahsoka’s departure.

I do like that there is a brief cameo from Ahsoka. I wasn’t expecting her at all, so that’s a small bonus. Her little speech to Yoda really made me revisit the devastation the council’s decision caused her. Becoming a Jedi master was her dream, ever since she was a youngling. But the council pushed her away. I’m secretly still hoping for another appearance in some form, but I highly doubt she will ever go back to the Order. So, yeah, her cameo was great.

But what about the ‘loose ends’ Dave Filoni and TCW team said the Lost Missions would clear up? Sure, we know more about Order 66 and the Force. That’s neat. But what happens to Captain Rex, Asajj Ventress, and Hondo Ohnaka? I’d hoped at least one of their fates would be addressed.

Overall, I’d say the best parts of Season 6 were the first and the last. Fives’ storyline was a fantastic idea that gave us a closer look at the background of Order 66, although the execution was a little clunky. (And that annoyingly helpful droid…ugh.)

It was awesome to see Padme and Anakin’s relationship get tested, even in a boring banking clan plotline. Seriously, I was surprised TCW didn’t delve more into their romance. It would have been an opportunity to show things the movies could never dig deeply into, such as the couple’s everyday life, and the hardships that come with a forbidden love.

Mace and Jar Jar I could’ve done without.

Yoda’s big adventure was a nice way to finish of the series.  Although I still consider Ahsoka’s departure the ‘official’ ending point. The Priestesses looked to be inspired by famed creator Hayao Miyazaki’s signature style, which I appreciated. Oh, and did anyone catch the neat circular format? The Clone Wars movie began this thing by introducing Ahsoka. Then the series got cancelled as she left. Likewise, the first episode of TCW series focused on Yoda, just like the last episode of Season 6. That’s kinda interesting.

What do you guys think about Season 6? I’d love to discuss your thoughts in the comments section! Oh, and by the way, here’s an article published io9 about how Ahsoka is the greatest thing to happen to Star Wars in 20 years. Naturally, I agree. So go read the article!


“The Wrong Jedi” Thoughts, Theories, Review


There’s so many things I could say about this episode, that I don’t really know where to start. Accordingly, this article may be a tad unorganized, but please bear with me. First, a summary of the things that occurred in the episode:

The Jedi council, deciding what to do about Padawan Tano, is interpreted by a call from Admiral Tarken. He tells them that it would seem unfair for the Jedi to hold a trial against another Jedi. You must expel her from the order, so the senate can put her on trial, he says.
The council is not strong enough to refuse this breach of tradition, despite a plea from Obi-Wan.

Anakin and Ahsoka, who have been waiting in a holding cell, are summoned to the chamber of judgment, where the masters ask her a few questions. They have decided to turn her over to the Senate, and despite Anakin’s almost physical disagreement, Ahsoka is stripped of her title, rights, and her hair-decorating string of beads. She is but a former padawan now.

Anakin asks Padme to defend Ahsoka to the senators, and leaves to get to the bottom of the conspiracy against her. He confronts Ventress, telling her he knows she’s behind it all. “Leave me alone!” Ventress says, indicating she wants no part anymore in the Jedi, the Sith, or their squabbles. Ventress has become, in my humble opinion, one of the best, most complicated, characters in the show. Her change from a Jedi, to an assassin, to a Sith, to a bounty hunter, shows how much she’s searching for where she belongs. I think she’s finally discovered that she doesn’t need to be this ultra-tough, emotionless typical evil villain. She’s starting to get comfortable in her own skin. For a few moments, as Anakin was choking her, I thought maybe her time was up. (She’s a character who isn’t in the original movies.) But Anakin controlled his anger just in time, and she fades away as he leaps to the ground, to appear in another season, hopefully.
Anakin confronts Barriss, who plays innocent at first, but then ignites Ventress’ sabers as he ignites her’s. Barriss tells him she thinks they fit her; it’s obvious she’s gone heavily to the dark side. She could never have fought so effectively against Anakin without harnessing the power of the dark side. It’s interesting to see how they’ve portrayed her fall. Let it be known, if you aren’t aware of the fact already, that up until this point, Barriss was thought to have lived as a Jedi until Order 66. (She was shown dying in the purge in a web comic.) This has caused some fans to cry in outrage; about the Clone Wars once again tampering with the official canon. However, I’m firmly on the side that is okay with it. Look, The Clone Wars version is the canon now, and as Ashley Eikstein says, all the story ideas come from George himself. Therefore, all true SW fans should be able to accept that Barriss fell from the Jedi order, altering what we knew of her fate up till this point. Besides, this was the only way of allowing Ahsoka to choose to leave the order; seeing her closest friend betray both her and the republic was huge in forcing her to question the council.

Anyway, once Ahsoka is cleared, the council members hold a private meeting for her, in which they welcome her bak into the order.

“They’re asking you back, Ahsoka,” Anakin says, holding out her hair beads, “I’m asking you back.” (This episode showed so much of the emotional bond between Ahsoka and Anakin.) She doesn’t answer, her face full of emotion. Then, she takes his hand, and closes it around the beads. Anakin’s face betrays his astonishment; I don’t think he really knew how much this ordeal had affected her until that moment.

“I’m sorry, master, but I’m not coming back,” Ashley Eikstein says, in perhaps the most moving line of dialogue in the Clone Wars to date. He, and the rest of the council, watch her go, stunned.

Anakin runs after her, calling for her to stop. Eventually, she does. They have a short conversation, in which she tells him there are some things she needs to sort out. Away from him, and the council.
“I understand,” he says. “More than you realize, I understand wanting to leave the order.”

“I know,” she says. Now, you could take that to mean she knows how he struggled with the councils policies, but I think it’s more then that cage already knows that, and so does most everyone else. What Ahsoka is saying in those two little words, is that she knows about Padme.

(Three interesting tidbits from the bonus episode content posted on

1. Dave Filoni said in the featurette, that he has always been in the “Ahsoka lives” camp, and George Lucas has always been in the “Ahsoka dies” camp. It’s cool to know their different perspectives.

2. They deliberately showed Anakin holding green and blue lightsabers in the arc trailer, to throw us off the track. In the actual episode, he holds two blue sabers; his and Barriss’.

3. This is the first episode where Tim Curry voices Chancellor Palpatine. That’s right, the Tim Curry who narrates the Series of Unfortunate Events books. Love him! He’s great for Palpatine.)

The Clone Wars began with Ahsoka’s arrival; in this episode, she leaves

It was like a reunion for us, of sorts. Padme was there, defending Ahsoka to the senate. That was a lovely addition; Padme and Ahsoka have been around each other a lot. (Because of Anakin’s little, uh, marriage. And Ahsoka might know about this: keep reading for more on this.) The two have developed a sisterly type bond, so it was appropriate to see them together here. Also, this is the only episode with Padme this season! I’m just glad we get some reassurance she’s still alive!

The younglings were another fantastic touch. Ahsoka was the Jedi who lead them to find their lightsaber crystals, so it was fitting they appeared here, in what may be her final episode.

This actually was a remarkable, amazing, totally fitting ending to this part of Ahsoka’s life. Yes, it might have been more dramatic and brought us closer to the events of Episode 3 if she had died, but that’s not what it should be about, and Filoni and Lucas know that. It’s about Ahsoka, and her journey through life. In the end, it finished with what some might call a happy ending. No one died, her name was cleared, and the real, cannon-conflicting, perpetrator was caught. But that’s the beauty of it; it wasn’t any uncontrollable events that shaped Ahsoka’s fate…it was her. Nothing prevented things from going back to the way they were, (minus Barriss, of course), except Ahsoka herself. After years of training and fighting at her master’s side, she waked away from everything she’d ever known before. Why? Because she knew, as we know, that most of what Barriss said about the Jedi was true. They are essentially being run by a Sith Lord, they are too caught-up in the Clone Wars, and they aren’t doing everything they can to end the war. Ahsoka saw members of the order she had served practically her whole life expel her in the blink of an eye. A few times, it even seemed like Anakin was entertaining the idea that there was some truth to the allegations against her. Ahsoka had a front seat to the whole story; the Jedi who were war-mongerers, the innocents killed needlessly, her friend who betrayed both the Jedi, and herself, and maybe she even knew more about Anakin’s private life then we think.

“I understand,” he told her, looking away.

Her simple, telling response: “I know.” Then she walked off into the sunlight, down the temple stairs, and into a new life. In that way, she’s a better Jedi then Anakin, Windu, or even Obi-Wan…she recognized the problems inside the order, and, though it hurt like hell, tore herself away from the people she had come to care about.

Will we ever get to know more about her next steps? Time will tell, but Dave Filoni has said they have already written Season Six. In a way, I wouldn’t mind if we never saw her again, though. We could imagine anything happening to her once she’d vanished from Anakin’s view down the stairs. And, in my opinion, from the way they portrayed that scene, we may not ever see her again, at least not in TCW…that’s a ‘goodbye’ shot if I’ve ever seen one.

But, there are many theories about what happens next for her, like these below:

•She teams up with Ventress. I must say this possibility is the most likely, I think. Ventress and her have discovered they have a lot in common. Once Ventress learns Ahsoka has left the order, she’ll go looking for her. Since Ahsoka knows nothing about normal life in the big city, Ventress will take her on as a partner. Just think of how cool they’d be together.

•She and Lux finally get together. I know it a long shot, especially since Ashley Eikstein has said in yesterday’s twitter chat that she believes there is only “friendship” destined for Lux and Ahsoka, but hey, we Luxsoka fans can hope. And besides, it’s not like Ahsoka was really close to anyone else. Lux questions the Jedi too, he just started doing it earlier then she did.

•She becomes a hermit. Just like Obi-Wan once he goes into hiding. Togruta’s are solitary creatures, and it’s true that Ahsoka is a bit of a loner.

•She lives in the Coruscant underworld. Maybe she just stays below the temple her whole life, wanting to be near her past.

Now, we come to the question that’s been facing us since Disney bought Star Wars…will there be a Season 6 of the Clone Wars? Here are the facts:

•Dave Filoni and the rest of TCW crew are already close to finishing the making of the new season.

•Disney has not announced anything about TCW yet, and they have a history of canceling TV Shows of franchises they acquire. It make sense that they’d want to focus more on the new films, and thus would decide to pull the plug on TCW.

•In all the interviews with actors and crew from the show, they’ve said it’s still in the air. They either don’t know, or aren’t telling.

Conclusion: I’d say the chances of a new season right now are 50/50. Sure, they made some additional episodes, but it’s up to Disney to air them. And this season finale was a great series finale too. Yes, there are many loose ends right now, but if the series ended on Ahsoka’s departure, I would be alright with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I want another season like anyone else should. And if we all pitch in, we can help Disney decide to air new episodes.

Send emails to:, subject line Clone Wars Season 6. On behalf of Star Wars fans everywhere, we thank you for your participation.

The email campaign is a good start, but physical snail mail is the answer; flood the mailbags! For the price of a stamp or a prepaid postcard, you can voice your support for The Clone Wars. You can send your respectful support of the series to:
The Walt Disney Company
c/o Robert A. Iger
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521-6369

Whatever is to come, we should face it bravely, like Ahsoka would do.

May the Force be with you, Ahsoka Tano…