The Clone Wars in Two Pictures

The Clone Wars in Two Pictures

Here’s something that might bring a tear to your eye…

These two screenshots sum up what the Clone Wars TV show was meant to do: introduce Ahsoka, make us care about her, and then send her off into an unknown future. Hopefully, we’ll be getting new stuff featuring her soon, either in SW Rebels, or in TCW bonus content (If the bonus content ever gets released *sigh*. I’m getting impatient!)


New Ahsoka Tano Video!

I’ve been wanting to create a video on YouTube for awhile now, since we don’t have many videos on our official YouTube account TheJediAhsoka.

Well, I finally made one, and have posted it on YouTube right here!
It’s a short video, just about one minute long, but I really enjoyed making it and I love the feel of the video.

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